Establishing Corporate Wellness Through Relaxation: 8 Solid Approaches

corporate wellness

Stress can literally be deadly causing health issues like sleep problems, anxiety, high blood pressure, and even heart attacks. That’s why it’s so important to learn how to manage stress correctly. 

It’s true that stress abounds in the workplace. Employees and managers alike all have deadlines to adhere to, clients to manage, and then, of course, there’s workplace politics. This is enough to drive someone over the edge if they don’t know how to take a moment for themselves and breathe a little.

Which is precisely why it’s up to you, the manager, CEO, President, whatever your position of power. You need to incorporate a corporate wellness program into your office procedures.

Don’t know how to do it? That’s okay, we’ll show you. Keep reading to learn more. 

8 Ways to Establish Corporate Wellness 

Besides providing mental and physical health benefits to your employees through insurance coverage, you can do some things at the office to help them feel better. 

It all starts with communication. Ask your employees how they feel and listen carefully to their responses. What are they telling you could change that would make working for you easier and less stressful?

Of course, you can’t necessarily send them to meditation classes. But, you can bring the meditation classes to your office! And, that’s not all.

Take a look at these eight simple strategies to implement in your workplace atmosphere so that your employees are happy, healthy, and most importantly for your business, productive. 

1Healthy Snacks

You’ve heard the term ‘hangry’. It means that someone behaves with an angry attitude because they’re hungry. This is no Bueno for office morale.

One way to combat this all too common symptom, which is directly related to stress, by the way, is to offer a healthy variety of snack options in the office. It may even behoove you to treat your employees to a healthy and balanced catered lunch at least once per month.

You can’t do much about your employees’ nutritional choices at home, but you can provide nutrient-rich snacks in the office so that they have something to grab onto when they need a break from the grind. This simple choice can even save you money on healthcare costs later down the line as your employees are choosing healthier foods when led by example.


One of the easiest ways to reduce stress at work is exercise. Exercise is a natural stress reliever and it only takes a few minutes to get back on track if you’re experiencing an episode. 

You don’t have to set up a full-on gym at the office or even provide your employees with a gym membership. The point is to offer a space where they can step away from their desks and stretch out a little. Consider a small room complete with medicine balls, stretch bands, exercise balls, and maybe even some cardio equipment. 

Make sure to use the area you set up for your employees, yourself. Again, leading by example will set the stage for success. 


One of the first answers that will come up in a search for ‘how to reduce stress at the workplace’ on the internet involves mindfulness. Mindfulness is a meditative practice that involves simply sitting quietly and breathing. It works wonders for stress.

Again, set up a quiet area, preferably a room with a door, where your employees can take breaks and get away from the grind. Hang inspirational messages on the wall and set up a CD player or MP3 with soft music playing in the background. Just a few minutes of mindfulness will go a long way. 

4Flexible Schedules

Maintaining a work-life balance can be difficult for your staff if they have children or elder parents at home. Not to mention other home life battles they may be combatting. Offering flexible scheduling allows your employees to take care of the things they need to attend to at home while being more present at work when they’re there.

You may also consider remote scheduling where your employees can work from home from time to time. Modern tools like Google Hangouts and Slack can help you keep communication lines open when they’re away. 

5Setting Clear Goals

Reducing workplace stress is all about setting clear goals for your staff. If they don’t know exactly what they’re supposed to do on a given project, they’re going to get stressed out. This could even result in less than stellar work.

Make sure that when you assign projects, the details are completely laid out for your employees to make sense of. Also, keep an open door policy in case they have questions about it later. 

6Leave Time Policies

There are some leave time policies that are required by federal and state law. You are required to know these policies and provide the specified time off to your employees if they need it. These include the Family Medical Leave Act and some statewide policies.

But, besides the mandated policies, you should include paid time off in your benefits package. This should include paid vacation time and sick or personal days. Your employees will appreciate the fact that they have a little more flexibility in their personal lives according to their work schedules. 

7Office Fun Time

Stress relief in the workplace is contagious. And, office staff that ‘plays’ together, works better together. 

Consider bringing some outside diversions into the office like a ping pong table or dart board. You can even be cheap and get a basketball hoop for the back of the door. Board games are another respite from reality. 

It may seem counterintuitive to have something that will distract your employees. But, allowing them to let loose once in a while will boost office morale. 

8Company Outings

If you really want to motivate your employees, why not take them somewhere nice? You could schedule a day out of the office where everyone can have a chance to bond and get away from the workplace stress for a few hours. The activity isn’t as important as is the spirit of getting out to do something fun.

Take them to a vineyard for a day of wine tasting and fancy meals. For a more upbeat retreat day, take them to a baseball game or have a picnic in the park. Take them to the local pub for drinks after work. 

Try scheduling something at least every few months. Once per month is even better for larger companies. 

Final Thoughts

Also, don’t forget to encourage your employees to take frequent breaks. If they feel like they can’t take breaks, you should consider re-evaluating their workload to eliminate stress.

You may also want to facilitate an open dialogue between employees and managers. The more aware your team is around their behaviour, the better equipped they will be to handle challenges in the workplace.

Establishing a corporate wellness program for your employees is as simple as making them happy. Happy employees equate to more productivity and exemplary work so your business can thrive. 

If you still have questions or you’re ready to get your employees motivated through a wellness program, feel free to contact us. Our mission is to help you grow your company culture with a positive and holistic approach.

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