Your Consolidated HR Tech Stack to keep Employees Engaged
Throughout their Organizational Journey

Employee Recognition & Communication

Be an Employer Of Choice with
Values-Driven Recognition

Enhance connections by prioritizing a thorough onboarding
process that fosters unity among employees, culture, and
values. Emphasize recognition and flexible communication
for a cohesive employee experience.

Employee Wellness Challenges

Bring Teams Closer & Build Deeper

Connect teams and inspire your employees to bring their best selves to work with Woliba’s Activity & Wellness Challenges. Choose from a library of dozens of challenges or customize your own to promote friendly competition & contributing to the holistic development of your team.

Employee Wellness Resources

Improve Productivity & Reduce Stress

Take employee performance to the next level with Wellness Resources customized to your team’s individual goals. Woliba’s Wellness Articles & Quizzes, Fitness Videos and Nutrition Recipes are expertly tailored to engage and boost  your team’s productivity

Employee Coaching & Events

Cultivate a Sense of Commitment & Community

Boost Employee Growth through Woliba’s dynamic Live and On-Demand Coaching Events. These sessions cover the entire spectrum of health and wellbeing, allowing employees to engage with experts and significantly enhance their wellness understanding.

Employee Surveys

Leverage Employee Active Listening

Obtain real-time data and insights to boost employee retention using Woliba’s comprehensive surveys. These powerful tools are key to gathering essential feedback, enabling you to make informed, data-driven decisions that positively impact your business.

Employee Rewards

Rethink your Employee Value Proposition

Enhance employee retention and boost job satisfaction using Woliba Rewards. Providing rewards and gift cards to employees who consistently exceed expectations is a powerful strategy to foster a motivated and loyal workforce.


Employee Recognition

Wellness Challenges

Wellness Resources

Employee Engagement Surveys

Employee Coaching & Events

Employee Reward Management


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