10 Corporate Motivational Tools to Energize Your Team

Corporate motivational tools

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We’ve all had those days — you wake up feeling groggy and drag yourself to work where you spend the next eight hours doing nothing other than counting down until the clock strikes 5:00 p.m. But what if your employees are doing this more often than you’d like?

Employee motivation is a key element in making your business a success. It’s no secret that a focused worker will be more productive than one who is feeling unmotivated.

The good news is that there are some corporate motivational tools designed to get your employees feeling engaged and excited.

Do you want to know what they are? Keep reading to discover 10 tricks to bring that spark back into your employee’s work.



What are Corporate Motivational Tools?

Corporate motivational tools refer to a range of strategies, techniques, and resources used by organizations to inspire and motivate their employees. These tools aim to boost employee morale, engagement, and productivity by providing incentives, recognition programs, goal setting frameworks, performance feedback, team-building activities, and other motivational initiatives.

The purpose of corporate motivational tools is to create a positive work culture, foster employee satisfaction, and drive individual and organizational success.


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Top 10 Corporate Motivation Tools


1. Recognize Good Work


Are you thinking, “I already reward good work by giving them a paycheck”? Well, this may not be enough.

When you notice an employee is doing exceptional work, reward them by sending them an email or hand-written note. This will form a closer bond between you and your employees, which will motivate them to work harder.

You could take this one step further by offering additional rewards or company-wide recognition. Consider sending out a monthly email recognizing a few people for their work. Reward them with a gift card or by letting them leave an hour early.


2. Set Clear, Attainable Goals

Goal Setting

Do you have a lot of employees working on long-term goals? If that’s their main job, they may be feeling like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel.

If you only set the goal of completing this project within the next year, they’ll spend the next few months feeling like they’ve barely made any progress. Instead, set goals that they can achieve in a shorter time frame.

They’ll feel more motivated once they start meeting these smaller goals. Plus, it’ll help keep them on track, so the project is completed by the deadline.


3. Quit Micromanaging

Micromanaging manager

Think back to the worst boss you’ve ever had. Maybe they were mean, unreasonable, or wanted everything done their way. Don’t be that boss.

Part of being in charge is learning how to delegate tasks and trust your employees — that’s why you hired them in the first place! Nitpicking over small details in their work will wear on them over time and make them feel less motivated to produce their best work since it’s never good enough anyway.

However, by deciding to quit micromanaging, your employees will begin to feel in control, increasing their motivation. Plus, you’ll probably feel a lot less stressed, too.


4. Empower Employees

empowered lady

As we said above, feeling in control of their work can motivate your employees. So, it should come as no surprise that empowering them can take this one step further.

Give your employees a little more freedom and let them make basic decisions. You may also want to encourage them to be as creative as they can on certain projects.

This extra freedom will motivate them to produce their best work for you. They’ll also feel like part of the company and will thus produce work that’s in line with the company’s goals.


5. Hire and Promote Within

Promoting employee

Nothing kills motivation more than knowing you can’t move up the ladder. If you’re constantly hiring outside candidates for higher positions, your employees will feel stuck.

However, by hiring and promoting within, they’ll be motivated to work hard to get that coveted promotion. And it doesn’t stop at just one promotion.

If you have a large company, you can keep employees motivated for years by giving them the chance to keep moving up in the company.


6. Offer Paid Sick Days


Have you ever had one person come in sick, and before you knew it, the entire office was feeling under the weather?

It’s no secret that people don’t work their best when they’re sick. If they come to work, they won’t be very productive and are more likely to feel overwhelmed and burned out which will affect their productivity for a much longer period of time.

By giving them paid sick days, they’ll be more likely to stay home and recover. When they return, they’ll feel relaxed, refreshed, and motivated to get some work done.


7. Offer Ample Vacation Days


When people don’t take breaks from work, they begin to burn out. Once this happens it can seem impossible to get that old motivation and productivity back.

Offering ample vacation days is the best way to help people take a decent break from work. They’ll come back with a clear head and a refreshed motivation to produce their best work.


8. Encourage People to Take Advantage of Paid Time Off

paid time off

Sometimes it’s not enough to offer paid time off. You also want to encourage people to take it.

55% of people don’t use all their vacation time. Many even think taking vacations will make them seem less devoted to their job.

But, taking time off makes employees more productive by sparking creativity, allowing them to sleep more, and just giving them a break. So, be sure to speak positively about time off and help push your employees to take that much-needed break.


9. Be a Little Flexible

Happy Employees

If your employees are stressed about their home life, they may become less productive at work. By being flexible, you can take a lot of stress off of their shoulders and they’ll be more focused and motivated as a result.

Of course, you can’t give in to every request. However, if one employee needs to work from home on Wednesdays or come in an hour early and leave an hour early to accommodate child-care schedules, consider granting these requests.


10. Offer a Change of Scenery


Sitting in the same old office for 40 hours a week, every week is bound to get monotonous. But, offering a change of scenery will help employees think more creatively and bring their motivation back.

If you have a big office, consider redoing some old rooms so they’re colorful and modern. Let your employees work from these rooms if they need some inspiration.

You may also allow them to work outside on nice days or take them on a company retreat.


Final Thoughts

Corporate motivational tools are essential for fostering a positive work environment, enhancing employee engagement, and driving success. From recognition programs and goal setting to gamified challenges and personalized feedback, these tools empower organizations to inspire and motivate their teams.

By harnessing the power of motivation, companies can unlock the full potential of their workforce and achieve remarkable results. If you want your employees to produce the best work, you’ll have to make sure they’re motivated.

Just follow these 10 corporate motivational tools to help your employees be their most productive selves.

Do you want to create a positive company culture? Learn more about Woliba to see how we can help!

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